Hollywood/Trans Women/Men in Dresses

Something I see in comments a lot: Trans women are “biologically’ male. I’ve seen this as a justification for using men as actors portraying almost EVERY trans woman in recent Hollywood.
People need to know that the word transgender says nothing specific about someone’s “biological” sex. It simply means the gender assigned at birth does not match the gender that you are; for whatever reason.
The Danish Girl (story of Lili Elbe, an actual human) played by Eddie Redmayne (a man), was intersex, by medical reports from the time. She most likely had an XXY sex chromosome karyotype known as Klinefelter syndrome, which was not medically known at the time. She was phenotypically male at birth and assigned as such, hence she was transgender.
Many trans women have varying degrees of AIS (androgen insensitivity). Trans is a HUGE umbrella.
People tell me, Lili Elbe HAD to be played by a man because of course she was pre-transition. By most accounts,Lili Elbe presented as female, or androgynous even when trying to present as male.
I’m in the camp that is sick of dudes playing trans women. I’m sick of it because apparently real trans women aren’t freakish enough for box office ratings. She needs a 5 o’clock shadow, or they won’t believe “she’s trans. Fact is, some of us never had facial hair, some of us did. Lili Elbe could have just as easily been played by a woman, but that’s not as interesting, is it? Truth is, I thought the movie was excruciatingly boring either way, but that’s another rant.

A lot of trans woman are sick of women being cast as men in dresses, because it perpetuates two incorrect beliefs: Sex and gender are binary, (only existing as this or that) and that trans women are men in dresses. ( a perception that gets us killed) LITERALLY killed.
Matt Bowmer was recently cast as a pathetic trans woman hooker in the movie “Anything”, because it’s SO original and of course Hollywood knows most trans women are actually men in drag.
Another annoyance is that there are some very good trans actors that could play the part, and they need the work.
It is my understanding from within the community that Mark Ruffalo didn’t even consider casting a trans women in the part because they just weren’t trannsy enough.

“Before Matt Bomer’s tearful speeches about playing a trans, I hope someone shows him his interviews about not getting work for being gay”

Fuck you Hollywood. Either hire cis women or trans women to play the parts of women. I’m sick of your laziness around the subject.

There’s always the comment, but some trans women really are hookers with 5 o’clock shadows, duh. This maybe be true, but the majority of us? Really? Some gay men are campy, but we don’t hire a Rip Taylor look alike to play ALL their parts.

It makes it hard to survive, find employment, and be treated with any degree of dignity, when this is all the public knows about you; or thinks they know.

Hollywood eventually left the destructive stereotypes of Amos ‘n’ Andy, and the mentally disturbed homosexual of the 50’s. It’s time to ditch this one too.